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Unlike other recruiters or online job sites, working with us won’t leave you feeling ghosted. And with 75% of all talent being hired after getting an interview, our talent-first approach proves we only offer you the right roles for your skills and career goals.

Capabilities are essential

Your hard-earned skills should pay you back with every project or full-time job you accept. We use your resume along with an initial interview and a follow-up technical assessment to make sure we understand your depth of knowledge, certifications and specialties so we can present you in the best light for the most qualified roles.

Culture fit
is vital

Are you a group leader or do you prefer to work alone? Are you drawn to big corporations or are smaller firms more your style? Good news! There are no wrong answers to these questions. We’re simply asking to learn your preferences so we can help direct your talents in the directions where you’ll be most comfortable and successful.

is key

We take finding your next career move as seriously as you do. That’s why you can be sure that in addition to technical assessment we will check in on your previous work history and contact references. This is usually our favorite part; we love hearing your previous employers sing your praises–and we usually learn something helpful too.
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Getting to know you

The initial interview, usually by phone, is to assess your skills and give you a chance to hear about the role and for everyone to learn more about one another.
Let’s go deeper

Understanding you

Through skills assessments, deeper conversations about your working style and what you value, we’ll develop a narrative that helps you stand out as a candidate.
Let’s get it done

for you

After reference checks, we’ll have everything we need to confidently present you for roles that are a match for the whole you, not just your skills. We will continuously communicate with you as we have updates throughout the process.
Top benefits for top talent

The Encore advantage

Working with Encore Talent opens you up to new experiences and a host of other benefits that can pave the way for a lasting and vibrant career.

& benefits

From salary, benefits, professional development resources, to work-life balance, and compliance and credentialing assistance, Encore ensures you’re valued.

Diverse client

We collaborate with a range of clients and many use Encore as their sole provider. This helps you gain exposure to diverse corporate cultures, technology needs and business challenges.

Pro-level guidance
& support

Experienced career advisors provide personalized support throughout your job search. They can help you optimize your resume, provide interview tips, and valuable insights into the job market.

Long-term partnerships

We aim to build long-term relationships with candidates. Even after jobs are secured, we’re here to serve as a valuable resource for career advice, professional development opportunities, and future job placements.

Technological innovations

We have developed advanced tools and platforms that streamline the recruitment process, making it more efficient for both candidates and clients. These innovations enable us to deliver faster and more accurate results.


We’ll follow up with you and your new employer periodically to make sure everything is going well and answer any questions that have arisen. Should you need assistance, you’ll always have someone to speak with as you being your new role.

They value continuous growth…

this aligns with my desire to stay at the forefront of technology and work on diverse projects.
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